Kingdom Kids

Our Mission

At Kingdom Kids’ Ministry, our mission is to instill a Kingdom Perspective inside boys and girls and to prepare them to live out the full plan that God, the King, has set for each of their lives.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33

The Kingdom Perspective

At Kingdom Kids’ Ministry, we believe in the Kingdom Perspective. The Kingdom Perspective is the mindset that as God’s children, we are not of this earth. We are princes and princesses of the King. We have been placed in a temporary world to live out the commission our Father, the King, has given each of us. This commission is to save ALL humanity from death by using the gifts that have been instilled in each of us and by using the love that Jesus Christ used on this same earth thousands of years ago.


Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids has three amazing levels on Sunday morning from ages 2 to grade 6.

Newborn to Nursery – up to age 3

Little Royals – PreK to grade 1

Knights in Training – Grade 2 to grade 6


Weekly meetings take place on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM, 11:15AM and Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM.


These classes are not meant to just hold kids until service is over. These classes will teach kids valuable Biblical knowledge while helping them grow in their walk with God. They will help ground a child’s faith at a young age, strengthening their roots so they cannot be shaken as they grow.